Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Lollipops

I have been busy trying new lollipop designs for Spring (hurry up and get here all ready!) This bouquet was designed to be an abstract bee hive - with one bee on the top.

This is a close-up of the bee. He was very cute if I do say so myself (but very delicate - so local delivery only!)

This bouquet features bright colors - purples, pinks, yellows and greens! Some had flowers, some were more leaf like and some were just fun. The bee also is a nice compliment to this floral design...

Here are some of the lollipops in progress. I often forget to take pictures of them in progress, before they get wrapped. The designs are much easier to photograph before the plastic covers go on. (If you click on the picture it will get bigger!)

This was one of 4 bouquets I made for my Dad. He is running for Treasurer of the New England District of Kiwanis. The lollipops were for his campaign hospitality suite at the last regional meeting. We had ribbon printed for the event and tied each lollipop - a nice addition to the bouquet!

Next week I am planning to work on easter egg, ladybugs, sushi and some sports themes.... as well as a couple bridal shower bouquets and an arrangement for the West Point lacrosse team. Stay tuned for pictures

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