Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Showers, Congratulations & Happy 1st Birthday

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been busy with sick kids (who are now better and knock on wood will stay that way for the Spring)... and getting work done. I have received a few comments that it is hard to see the detail on the cupcakes when they are already wrapped and that the backsplash in my kitchen (while beautiful) is distracting. So I have been trying to take 2 sets of pictures - one before wrapping and one after arranging. The picture thing does not always happen - and then when it does I am often rushed and don't do a great job at it. Maybe someday I will hire a photographer to come and take pictures or get myself better equipment.... but for now you will just have to imagine that things in real life look better than my photographs of them.

In other news I just bought the domain www.cupcakelollis.com !!! For the time being it will be this blog - but in the future who knows ?!?!

These lollipops were created to celebrate a summer internship at CBS Radio. I shipped them to Pennsylvania. The pops featured the CBS eye, CBS, a radio tower and a couple "congratulations" - flavors included chocolate, vanilla, mocha and lemon.

Here they are before being wrapped:

This is what the bouquet looked like before going in the box:

This bouquet was created to send to Florida to celebrate the 1st birthday of a little boy. The pops were done in blue, purple and white and arranged in a lime green bucket. Very colorful!

And the arrangement:

This is one of 2 arrangements that I did for a Bridal Shower outside of Baltimore, MD. The bride's colors are teal, chocolate brown and white. Cupcake flavors were lemon, mocha, chocolate and vanilla and were distinguished by the decor. I actually did the arrangement twice - once without wraps and then again with wraps (but forgot to take the 2nd picture.) I am sure this one does them better justice anyway!

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