Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peace, Love and Chocolate

I was contacted by The Mountain Lakes Market to make these Espresso Chocolate Cupcakes for a 50th birthday party they were catering. I made a hybrid coffee French buttercream and piped dark chocolate squiggles (that's a technical term) and 50's for decoration. I have become enamored with using tempered chocolate for piping... I love working with the warm chocolate (feels great on my hands!) Although it is a little unforgiving when paired with fondant (no making mistakes!) The cupcakes were presented on a 3 tier glass cupcake stand (birthday girl's cupcake was on the top with a candle.) If they send me a picture I will post it later!

This "Best Ever Chocolate" cake was created to celebrate a 12th birthday. The birthday girl is a big fan of peace signs and the color yellow. The fondant base was made mixing yellow and white fondant to create a tie-dye effect. The decorations featured piping in colored white chocolate and/or were dipped in sanding sugar to give the cake a little "bling". The little flowers on the top of the cake were designated to hold some pink sparkly candles... Now what 12 year old girl woudn't love this!!!

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