Sunday, February 1, 2009

This birthday cake was to celebrate a 40th birthday that just happened to fall on Superbowl Sunday. The birthday boy was a Steelers Fan (and with 35 seconds to go - the Steelers granted 1 birthday wish!) The cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream. As you can see by the 2 pictures - I gave the cake some thought after I thought I was done, and decided it needed to be shinny (the matte cake was just too old school!) I painted the top of the cake with diluted apricot preserves. I think the shine was just the touch it needed!

This cake was created for a 12 year old's birthday. The only direction I was given was that the birthday girl likes music and yellow. I decided that music notes and black-eyed susans were the way to go. The top layer of the cake is "I dream of Chocolate" with vanilla buttercream. The bottom layer is "Best Ever Vanilla" with vanilla buttercream. The music notes and lettering are created from piped dark chocolate (which was also used to create the centers of the flowers) which was "glued" to the cake with more chocolate once dry. My son thought "the cake would have been nicer with more colors", but I was happy with the simplicity!

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