Friday, May 27, 2011

School Birthday Celebration

I suppose that it is not surprising that my kids take a great deal of time to consider what type of baked good they would like to bring to school for their birthday celebration. This year I made all types of what I thought were quite excellent suggestions to my daughter... she didn't like any of them. Then one day she came home and announced "I want you to make cupcakes with faces of all the kids in my class" (I made the mistake of doing this when she had a SMALL preschool class a couple years before)... so I tried my best to dissuade her and offered some other suggestions. No takers.

24 cupcakes, vanilla with buttercream and fondant decoration. All with my best effort to match the faces of the kids in her class.... hoping that 8 year olds would not be offended if their nose or ears were too big or their hair was the wrong shape or color.

My husband and I arrived at her classroom with the cupcakes. The kids were thrilled! A couple mentioned that their hair had changed (I was working off a picture that was taken at the beginning of the year) and one or two mentioned another feature that they thought I could have improved upon... but to my great sigh of relief, the majority loved their cupcakes... most were quickly devoured and a few faces came off the cupcake to take home to show Mom & Dad. Best of all my daughter said - "See Mom, it was the best birthday snack EVER!"

She has already started designing her cake for August... I dare not even ask!