Sunday, May 17, 2009

Football and Whimsical Pink & Green

This cake was for a 9 year old who wanted a football cake. I decided a NY Giants football helmet was the way to go... my husband walked in and said "wow, that's a cool cake.... I thought they like the Jets." At which point I almost had a nervous breakdown. I made a phone call, felt relieved and poured myself a celebratory glass of wine. It was the correct team!

A whimsical "50" for an al fresco birthday dinner. The only thing that the birthday girl said she wanted was one of my cakes! I was very honored! The cake was "I remember chocolate" with a German Chocolate pecan and coconut filling. Decor was green and pink whimsy!

This "Best Ever Vanilla" was a surprise for a birthday girl returning home from college for the summer. It featured hot pink flowers with light pink centers and green foliage. Happy Birthday Amanda!

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