Friday, October 24, 2008

Mini Cupcakes for a Food Tasting

These little gems were created for a food tasting fundraiser held at the Mountain Lakes Club on Monday October 20th. I wanted to show a few of the MANY possibilities for these cute little bite size pieces of goodness (yes I am gushing, but I really do love them!)

I think I forgot to mention how exactly they are made. First, start with yummy cake (freshly baked.) Second, crumble said cake into a bowl and mix in a couple large spoonfuls of buttercream icing (not the canned stuff please!) Third, shape them into mini meatballs and chill. Fourth, shape them to look like little cupcakes. Fifth, dip them in chocolate and put on a stick. Sixth - decorate. Seventh - try to stop yourself from eating them!

The cupcakes for the tasting were vanilla with buttercream and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The possibilities however are endless - my head is swimming.

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